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Voted "Best Buy" by Consumers Digest Magazine 6 years consecutively!

Aquasana Drinking Water Filters offer the healthiest, best tasting water on Earth for less than 10¢ a gallon! Better than bottled water, at a fraction of the cost, far more convenient & NO BOTTLE!

USA Water Filters provides FREE SHIPPING anywhere in continental USA!
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Voted BEST BUY 6 years in a row for performance and value by Consumers Digest magazine.

Aquasana Drinking Water Filters offer the healthiest, best-tasting water on Earth for less than 10¢ a gallon! Better than bottled water, at a fraction of the cost and far more convenient!

Shower Filters provide many health benefits, including softer, healthier skin and hair, with reduced chlorine and THMs that are absorbed through the skin or inhaled with steam. "It's like showering in natural spring water -- it'll spoil you forever!"
Whole House Water Filters
provide bottled water quality from every faucet for only pennies a day. Live in the luxury of pure water!

Aquasana Water Filtration: Certified best performance, highest quality, 60-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, 10 years of award-winning customer service!
aquasana water filters 

Why Aquasana Is A "BEST BUY" 6 Years In A Row:

1. Highest Performance: Filters out chlorine bad taste and odors, lead, VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), THMs (trihalomethanes) cryptosporidium, giardia and MTBE. Patented process leaves in natural minerals for best taste and better health!
Aquasana is better than bottled water and better than other water filters,
and its performance is certified and documented. Documentation The healthiest, best-tasting water on Earth ... less than 10¢ a gallon ... at the touch of a button! Countertop or under-sink water filters. Product Details

2. Award-winning Customer Service! Because you're dealing direct with the manufacturer, you get professional service from the experts. Aquasana Tech Support

3. Ultimate Convenience! Our products are designed to be easy to install and easy to maintain, and offer the ultimate in convenience - "The best water, the best value and the most convenience!" Our auto-e-mail reminder program ensures that fresh new replacement cartridges are delivered to your doorstep at the appropriate time, every 6 months, at great savings!

4. Lifetime Warranty: An Aquasana exclusive! If you continue to order new cartridges from Water Filters Canada at regular 6 month intervals, your Aquasana water filter is WARRANTED FOR LIFE against defects or damage, even if the damage is your fault! No other company stands behind its products like we do. All Aquasana Systems come with a 60-day 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

Remember, our bodies contain more than 70% water!
Very few things affect our health as much as the quality of our water.

Water Filters

Home water filtration offers high quality and the convenience of the tap.

Home water filters have gained wide spread popularity in recent years. As the most logical, convenient and economical solution for high-quality water, water filters offer many benefits over tap water and bottled water. Water Filters are also better for our Planet! Each day in America over 60 million plastic bottles are produced, filled, transported and disposed of in U.S. landfills from bottled water use.

Home water filtration offers higher quality than bottled water and the convenience of tap. For less than 10 cents a gallon you can have great-tasting, healthy, chemical-free water for drinking, preparation of beverages and cooking... all at the touch of a button!

Unlike bottled water, home water filters are required to document the purity of the water they produce. In many states, including CA, WI, MA, IA, TX, FL & NY, it is unlawful to make uncertified claims for home water filters, but not always enforced. Look for California Dept of Health, Underwriters Laboratories or NSF Water Quality Certification to ensure you are getting the right product. These strict regulations allow consumers a means for accurately comparing and substantiating a water filter's performance capabilities and value. Certain states, California being the strictest, require manufacturers to have all promotional, advertising, website and packaging materials reviewed by the Department Of Health for accuracy prior to certification. The California Certification is one of the best ways to determine a product's true performance levels.

Bottled water, on the other hand, is virtually unregulated. The FDA laws on bottled water only require it to be as good as tap, not better. And the FDA regulations only apply if the water is transported across a state line. Most bottled water is bottled and sold in the same state in order to avoid regulation.


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